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9am to 5pm


Chruch Hill

10am to 4pm


9am to 5pm



10am to 4pm


9:30am to 4:30pm


Broad Faith

8:30am to 6:30pm


Grey Port

8am to 7pm


Blue Mills

10am to 7pm


10am to 6pm

About us

Who we are

We were two diffrent bookstore owners that couldn’t afford to keep our businesses going like that due to a lack of customers. We decided to regroup and create a mobile bookstore that could visit our three diffent locations. We found this beautiful old american school bus and instantly fell in love with it.

And that was it! Our project begun and we went on a journey to offer you our expertise, and all your favourite books.

Books in Southern Valley of Avalon

After the launch of Hoot Books and our success, we now travel all around the Southern Valley of Avalon.

The best place to visit our library is at your own town!

Second-hand books for everyone

Our store changed, but not the way we see our business. We think that everybody should be able to read, regardless of his or her incomes.

We’ve got the buses, we’ve got the books and we’ve got the big smiles on your faces!

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Meet the Hoot Team

The co-founders

Wise and calm but stubborn, she knows what has to be done.


Jane A.

Smart and organised but dreamy, he likes to dream and to see his dreams come true.


Arthur C.

The considerate vendors

Hopeful and curious, she’s the greatest bookworm you could ever meet.



Kind and considerate, she’ll know who you are and what you’ll like.



Passionate and dynamic, she knows everything about that book or writer you’ve never heard of.



Any request? Contact us

Looking for a book in particular?

You want to order a book that we can bring to you on our next visit?

Tell us and we’ll make it possible!

Want to sell us a book?

You found some good old books you want to sell us and want to know how much it’s worth?

Tell us about it and we’ll let you know in less than two days.

Want us in your town?

You’ve heard of us and want the bookstore bus to animate your peacefull warm town?

Tell us about your town and we may make it possible!

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